Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keep Out of Reach of Kittens

I was told a tale this morning by one of my co-workers involving his two house cats. For the last week his cats had been acting quite wacky and strange. It was really starting to bother him and his wife. They were wondering if they needed a visit to the vet.

This morning while at work his wife called and informed him that, while doing the laundry in the utility room of their house, she had noticed the two cats were licking some fluid on the floor near the pantry shelf. She discovered the cats had climbed up into the upper shelf and tipped over a bottle of Tequila, cracking the seal and, over time, most of it had slowly dripped out onto the floor.

Yup! I wonder if there's AA for feline alcoholics.


  1. I guess they won't be pussy footing around with their little secret anymore.