Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heated Water Dish Slash Foot Warmer

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Last summer I purchased a heated water dish for my pets and outside animals. I figured it would be a good investment since the winters in rural Montana get quite cold. Besides that, it would be a switch from having to dump the ice out of the old water dish three times a day and replacing it with fresh warm water. I took it home, put it on the shelf and waited for the first cold days of winter to come.

It was about mid October before the water dish started freezing over so I decided to get the new one out and plug it in. October and November weren't so bad. It was cold but there was not snow on the ground. It was sometime in mid December when the real cold and snowy weather hit. I moved the dogs inside and the outside cats (the ones that keep the mice around the house and outbuildings under control) took over the dog house. I never have had any problem knowing when the water dish was empty. The cats had discovered that, when empty, it had other good uses besides keeping their water thawed out.........

Yup! Besides a warm dog house, lots of cat food and warm water, this little guy gets a foot warmer as well. But first, he and his friends got to drink all the water out of the dish.