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Do you like to read Terry Brooks?

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A book review on Terry Brooks' "Landover" series.

I was in my early thirties when I picked up the "Magic Kingdom for Sale, Sold" . It seemed like a book written for teenagers but I didn't care. I had just just finished reading all I had of Brooks' "Shannara" series and The "Heritage of Shannara series". I was hungry for more Terry Brooks. The "Landover" series was all I had available to me at the time.

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Terry Brooks' "Magic Kingdom for Sale, Sold"

Book one of the Landover

Ben Holiday is a lawyer who has lost his wife, hates his job, and is ready for a big change. He is your basic man with a mid life crisis. He stumbles upon an ad advertising a Magic Kingdom for sale and checks it out. He finds, like most ads that sound too good to be true, there is a scam; however, the kingdom is real.

Down loadable Audio book. $24.99 US 6 hours (Abridged)

After reading the Shannara books, the Landover books seemed like second class or a compromise between 'that will do' and 'the best'. But I started reading and became intrigued with Ben Holiday and his misfit crew.

Holiday is a lawyer who has lost his wife. He hates his job and has found himself in a midlife crisis. He finds an ad in a catalog that advertises a magic kingdom for sale. He checks it out and finds out that, like all ads that sound too good to be true, there is a scam. He also finds, believe it or not, that the kingdom is real.

Soon I was finished with "Magic Kingdom for Sale, Sold" and picked up the second book, "The Black Unicorn". I found it as exciting as the first.

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Terry Brooks' "The Black Unicorn".

Book two of the Landover series.

Ben Holiday finds himself in a pickle when Meeks, the evil wizard that Ben bought the kingdom from, returns to Landover and casts a spell to switch appearances with Ben. Ben finds himself in a position where nobody knows who he is except his powerful enemies. Outcast and no friends to help him, not even Willow, who has set out to find the mysterious black unicorn, what was he to do?

Down loadable Audio. $24.99 US 6 hours (Abridged)

In the "Black Unicorn", Holiday makes a quick trip back to the real world to check on an old friend. He returns to Landover, unknown to Holiday, with Meeks, the evil wizard from which he purchased the kingdom. Meeks casts a spell to switch appearances and places with Holiday. Holiday now finds himself without friends, and no one recognizes him except his enemies. He is outcast with no one to help him, not even Willow who has left on a quest to find the mysterious black unicorn, what is Holiday to do?

The whole series, as odd as it's characters seemed, was quite imaginative and fascinating. I read one after another right up to the last, "Witches Brew". If there are any more after, I have not yet heard of their existence.

I think fantasy lovers, teens and old, will enjoy this series. Those who have maybe already read it can now enjoy it in audio which can be downloaded to your computer and burned to CD (if you desire). I see now that there is a Genesis of Shannara series that I haven't read yet. I'll have to check it out.

Book 3: Wizard at Large

Book 4: The Tangle Box

Book 5: Witches' Brew

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  1. Thanks for following my blog! I like your humor! And, I've started to read Shannara but haven't been able to get into it. I also barely started "Magic Kingdom For Sale" one time, but somehow didn't get through th beginning of that, either. I'll have to try again sometime, though.

    I definitely suggest "Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians" and the rest of its series for great humor/fantasy story. It's by Brandon Sanderson and is really quirky, cheeky, exciting.

  2. There are many books by Terry Brooks, but I like only one "The Black Unicorn". The main plot take me to fantastic world, where we full of magic and environment full of tiny wizards. I see the small piece of book here, and than I decided to buy original. Thanks for another review.